One of the cheapest and easiest green items you can add to your home is homemade mouthwash. This vegan homemade mouthwash recipe can be built directly in the bottle for quick mixing and easy clean up. Traditional mouthwash contains a lot of extra ingredients and colors that aren’t needed. Also, if you are sensitive to the alcohol in store bought mouthwash and find that it burns your mouth you will find this homemade mouthwash to be quite refreshing.

2 Homemade Mouthwash vegan

3 Homemade Mouthwash vegan

The ingredient list is small but mighty. The tea tree oil acts as an anti-infective, bactericide, and fungicide (to name a few). This means it will help prevent any infections and fight off bacteria and fungus that grow in the mouth. The baking soda helps to remove stains and eliminate bad breath. As for the essential oils, you can choose ones you prefer but the most common are peppermint and cinnamon. Everything you need is listed below as well as some of the products I use. Enjoy!

4 Homemade Mouthwash vegan

Homemade Mouthwash Ingredients:

2 cups distilled water

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp stevia

7 drops tea tree essential oil- HERE 

7 drops of peppermint essential oil- HERE or 5-7 drops of cinnamon essential oil- HERE (cinnamon is spicy so start with less)


Combine all ingredients in a container and shake to combine. 

No refrigeration needed.



  1. Hi Stephanie! Where can I find such cute bottles you have for your mouthwash, I like it! I want to try to make your homemade mouthwash.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey girlie! I got these at Home Goods for about $3-4 a piece. And yay! Let me know how you like the mouthwash. Since fall is here cinnamon would be perfect! xoxo


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