Hey, bunnies! Today we’re going to make a vegan bruise healing oil. Lately, I’ve been running around like I’m on the TV show ninja warrior. I’m either a swinging from monkey bars, kicking punching bags, or trying new and awkward things at the gym. I like to play rough!

Vegan Bruise Oil-2

Vegan Bruise Oil-3

One can expect a few casualties when playing rough. Needless to say, this blog post is a much-needed thing in my life right now. I have bruises everywhere! essential oils to the rescue. This vegan a bruise healing oil is super easy to make. You can build right in the container, give it a shake, and apply it to your bruises. Everything you need is listed below. Enjoy!

Vegan Bruise Oil

Vegan Bruise Oil-4

Vegan Bruise Healing Oil


1 tbsp apricot kernel oil

2 drops YL helichrysum essential oil

1 drops YL lavender essential oil

1 drop YL rosemary essential oil

1 drop YL chamomile essential oil

roller ball container


Add all ingredients to a roller ball container and shake to combine.

Apply to a bruise and massage in.



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