Hey bunnies! Today we’re going to make a vegan organic lavender rosemary hair gel. This hair gel is so cheap and easy to make it’s definitely worth giving a try. I used to spend about $11 a bottle for my hair a mousse and I’m saving so much money making my own hair products.

Vegan Organic Lavender Rosemary Hair Gel

Vegan Organic Lavender Rosemary Hair Gel-4

The flaxseed gel helps to leave your hair soft and shiny without that crunchy feeling. It will help to form a cast around the curls or waves and if you choose to break the cast you will have nice soft moisturized hair underneath. Another cool thing about the flaxseeds is that you can reuse them. Save them to make your next batch of hair gel. The lavender and rosemary essential oils are added to help promote hair growth as well as give a pleasant scent. Everything you need is listed below. Enjoy!

Vegan Organic Lavender Rosemary Hair Gel-2

Vegan Organic Lavender Rosemary Hair Gel-3

Vegan Organic Lavender Rosemary Hair Gel


1/4 cup organic flax seeds

2 cups water

2 tbsp organic aloe vera gel

3 drops Young Living rosemary essential oil

3 drops Young Living lavender essential oil

2 drops vitamin E oil


Add flax seeds and water to a pan and bring to a boil.

Once boiling, stir for 10 min. This will help to keep the seeds and gel from sticking  to the sides and bottom.

Cut the toe off of set of panty hoses. A 12 inch piece will be fine. Line a jar with the panty hoses.

Pour in the flax seed mixture and allow to cool.

Squeeze the gel out though the panty hoses.

Add in the aloe vera, Young Living rosemary essential oil, Young Living lavender essential oil, and vitamin E oil. Stir to combine.

Add to a squeeze bottle or jar.

I like to use mine in about a week or a little more. No more than 2 weeks. For best storage keep in the refrigerator but this is not necessary.






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