Hey bunnies! Today we’re going to make a vegan spirulina face mask. One of my favorite things about this mask is that it only takes 2 minutes to whip up! Kind of like the trustworthy clay and water mask. I like to add essential oils to mine for added skin benefits but if you don’t have them no worries. You can make this recipe without them.

Vegan Spirulina face mask

Vegan Spirulina face mask-4

Spirulina is packed with tons of vitamins and minerals that are great for having healthy skin! It contains vitamins A, C, K, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Selenium, Zinc, Copper… to name a few. All these things are great for glowing beautiful skin. They can help detoxify the skin, tone skin, reduce dark circles, cleanse the skin , and help with the aging of skin as well. With the benefits and ease of making this mask it’s definitely worth a try. Everything you need is listed below. Enjoy!

Vegan Spirulina face mask-3

Vegan Spirulina face mask-2

Vegan Blue Green Algae Mask 


1 tbsp Spirulina (HERE)

Aloe vera juice, gel, or pureed aloe fillet

1 drop Elemi essential oil (HERE)

1 drop Manuka essential oil (HERE)


Add the spirulina powder to a small bowl

Then add in enough aloe to make a spreadable paste

Add in your essential oils and stir to combine

Apply the mask to your face and leave on for about 15-20 minutes

Rinse off with cool to warm water and finish with your favorite toner and moisturizer. I currently like witch hazel and coconut oil.



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