Hey lovelies! So I decided to make my first video post today! I’ve been trying to get back into my Youtube channel so hopefully, I will be able to add some video content to my blog from time to time with recipes! I hope this is something you will find useful.

I will also be sharing more vegan CF cleaner cosmetic options with you guys! For example my nail polish company Dimension Nails. All the polish is 10-free. Meaning it is free of 10 of the most harmful chemicals found in common nail polishes. I will also be showing you fun ways to use them in different designs. Everything I used is linked below. Enjoy!

*To enter the giveaway in the video please head over to my Youtube Channel.

Vegan CF Jumanji Nails 10-Free

Products Used V CF:

Coconut Milk

Black Rhino

Water Topcoat

Emerald City Glitter

Playful Charms

Jelly Stamper

Builder Gel: Coming Soon!

Jumanji Nails DN

Jumanji Nails DN-3

Jumanji Nails DN-6


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