Fall is in the air, literally. This yummy gingerbread room spray is the perfect thing to have your home smelling like fall. It’s vegan and scented with clove bud, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Your family may ask you if you’re baking something!

Gingerbread room spray-3

But there’s an added bonus! You can also use this room spray as a linen spray as well. You can freshen up your drawers or closet with this gingerbread room spray. It’s nice to have a room spray in addition to candles. Sometimes you don’t have time to wait for the aroma of a candle to fill the room, instead you can just grab for this room spray. This recipe is very easy to make with a build in the bottle method. Everything you need is listed below as well as links to some of the products. Enjoy!

Gingerbread room spray-2

Natural Gingerbread Room Spray ingredients:

3/4 cup water

2 tbsp of vodka or rubbing alcohol

8 drops ginger essential oiL- HERE

8 drop cinnamon essential oil- HERE

2 drops nutmeg essential oil- HERE

2 drops clove bud essential oil- HERE


Combine all ingredients in a jar and shake vigorously.

Then package in your desired spray bottle.

Makes about 8 oz


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