Hey, bunnies! Today we’re going to make a vegan hand sanitizing gel. I needed this in my life! It’s great to keep in your purse and use it whenever a sink and bathroom are nowhere to be found.

veagn hand sanitizer

I love aloe vera from the skin and not just on burns. Aloe vera is great at moisturizing the skin without leaving it greasy. It’s also great at healing wounds. If you use your hands for tough jobs this will be a great addition to your hand care regimen. The thieves and tea tree oils are great at killing germs and also make this hand sanitizer smell great. Everything you need is listed below to make a vegan hand sanitizing gel. Enjoy!

veagn hand sanitizer-2

veagn hand sanitizer-3

Vegan Hand Sanitizing Gel


1 oz aloe vera gel

6 drops thieves essential oil

6 drops tea tree essential oil


Combine all ingredients to a squeeze bottle and shake vigorously for 60 sec.

Store in a cool dry location. I keep mine in my purse. But make sure not to leave your purse in the car.



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