This recipe fixed my craving for an Asian noodle bowl! One of my favorite styles of food is Asian cuisine. Japanese, Chinese, Thai… the list goes on. So I was searching the web for some inspiration and found this great recipe on Pinterest called Spring Roll Bowl.  It is cooked and not vegan (fish sauce) so I changed some things to make it more my style!

1 raw vegan asian zuchinni noodles

5 raw vegan asian zuchinni noodles

This raw vegan Asian Zucchini Pasta has a great kick to it as well! I currently have serrano peppers growing in my garden so I was happy to add these into the zucchini pasta. If you palette is sensitive to spicy flavors you can use jalapenos or milder yet, Anaheim peppers. What I like to do is have one slice of serrano pepper and a chunk of avocado in the same bite! Yes, I like to build the perfect bite.  Everything you need is below as well as links to some of the products I used to make this raw vegan Asian zucchini pasta. Enjoy!

2 raw vegan asian zuchinni noodles

Raw vegan Asian zucchini pasta ingredients (Serves 2):

Pasta Sauce:

1/3 cup cold pressed olive oil- HERE

1/3 cup fresh lime juice

1/8 cup water

1/8 cup Nama Shoyu- HERE 

1/4 cup raw agave or maple syrup if you prefer- HERE

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar- HERE

3 cloves garlic 

Pasta bowl veggies:

2 large zucchinis

1-2 tbsp of each- Mint, Basil, Cilantro

2 serrano peppers sliced

1/2 of an avocado sliced 

1 carrot julienned

1/2 of each- red and orange bell pepper thinly sliced 

a few slices of cucumber


Add all pasta ingredients to a blender and blend. Then set aside.

Using a spiralizer, make your 2 zucchinis into noodles and add then to a large bowl. 

To the bowl, add in the carrot, red and orange bell pepper, mint, basil, and cilantro. Toss to combine. 

Pour the sauce over the veggie bowl.  I like to use my hands to massage the sauce into the noodles and veggies. There will be a lot of sauce so don’t worry! I’ll tell you what to do with that in a minute. 

Then portion the veggies into two bowls. Again, I like to use my hands so I don’t get too much sauce transferred. 

Finally top with the cucumber, avocado, and serrano peppers. Enjoy! 

Extra sauce idea:

I love to use this extra sauce as a salad dressing! Because we only used half of the veggies in this recipe, cut up the leftovers and pile on top of a bed of lettuce. Then pour on this yummy sauce. It’s great for lunch the next day and you use all the veggies you bought for the recipe! 


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