Hey, bunnies! Today we are going to make raw vegan coconut milk. Raw coconut milk stumped me for a while. The method is different than other nut milk. It’s actually easier and takes less time. You can also make it thicker or thinner depending on how much coconut water you add to it.

Raw Vegan Coconut milk-2

This is also a great substitute for full-fat coconut milk that you find in a can. Just use less water to make it thicker. I have found a lot of recipes that call for full fat coconut milk but what they have in the store is never raw. Not only is this great alone but let’s talk about all the smoothies, curries, flavored milk’s, and breakfast cereals you can use this with. It’s a great easy recipe to know. Everything you need is listed below to make raw vegan coconut milk. Enjoy!

Raw Vegan Coconut milk-4

Raw Vegan Coconut milk-3

Raw Vegan Coconut Milk


6 cups fresh coconut water from young Thai coconuts

2 cups coconut flesh from young Thai coconuts

Coco Jack (optional to open coconuts)


Add ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until smooth




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