When I think of crepes, I think of a sweet dessert like breakfast dish. But I don’t think healthy. I think more of that Sunday treat. These raw vegan crepes not only are a sweet treat, they’re also packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, and energy! The bananas contain potassium, vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Copper, and Manganese. They make the perfect wrap for these raw vegan crepes.

4 raw vegan crepes

5 raw vegan crepes

You can add any fruit you would like to this recipe! I think peaches especially would be yummy too! Since the cashew crème is a vanilla flavor it will go well with just about anything! You can also double the cashew cream recipe and serve it with a raw granola and fruit for a parfait! Everything you need is listed below as well as links to some of the products I used. Enjoy!

6 raw vegan crepes

Raw Vegan Crepes ingredients (serves 2):


4 bananas

1 lemon juiced

Cashew Creme:

1 Thai coconut, flesh from

1/4 cup fresh coconut water

1 cup raw cashews soaked overnight

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 tbsp maple syrup


assorted berries or anything you like


Blend your lemon juice and bananas in a blender until a to forms a smooth pourable texture.

Pour this mixture onto non-stick dehydrator sheets (HERE) making 4 circles. Smooth they out using a spatula. Aim for about 5 in circles.

Pop these in the dehydrator (before bed works great) and dehydrate at 115° for about 8 hours or until they peel off the sheet easily.

Add all ingredients for the cashew cream to a blender and blend. Mine is just a tad chunky as you can see in the picture. You may need to scrap the sides of the blender a bit to achieve a small batch like this.

Then assemble your raw vegan crepes! Add a little or a lot of cashew creme to you banana leather, add some berries and Enjoy! To get the flap to stay down I used a dollop of the cream to keep it closed.




  1. Two questions
    1: Are you able too make these items without the dehydrator by using say, an oven at the same temperature?
    2: What approximately are the costs of these meals? I hear so often is expensive to eat healthy, and rightfully so I don’t have most of these sort of ingredients at home right now. But for someone like you who consistently prepares healthy meals what are the average costs?

    • Yes! You can use an oven. It may be a little tricky, but put it at the lowest setting and you may need to crack it. As far as the cost I feel it depends on your current eating habits. For someone on a fast food diet… yes this will be more expensive. But for the person who is used to preparing well balanced home cooked meals this will be about the same. I spend about $80 a month on super foods. Then if I choose I can stick to a $10 a day budget after that. So about $13 a day. I think its more about meal planning and utilizing the food you buy in different ways so that you don’t create any waste. Salad can get boring, and dehydrating takes time. So having a plan really helps keep things fun while using all the food you pay for. But I don’t think its more expensive, its just something most of us aren’t used to buying so much of and thats fruits and veggies. Meat was usually the center of the meal so it can seem expensive spending $3.99 a pound for veggies instead of meat, but when you really think about it, veggies have so much more nutrition when compared to meat. So you’re really getting more for your money! Thanks so much for the awesome question Sara! Hope this helps answer it! xoxo


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