Hey vegan bunnies! Today we’re going to make raw vegan Reese’s cups! I know one of my favorite candies at Halloween used to be Reese’s cups. Also, I used to buy all the Reese’s from my school candy drive so I needed a replacement in my raw vegan life.

Raw Vegan Reeses

Raw Vegan Reeces-3

For this recipe you can make your own chocolate with my raw vegan chocolate recipe! Or, if you’re short on time you can also buy raw chocolate from the store and melt that down as well.

In this recipe, you can use raw peanuts or almonds! I personally prefer almonds. Have you ever tasted raw peanuts? Well… they are much different than roasted ones and if you’re not used to the flavor you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. So I suggest tasting raw peanuts before making a lot of butter with them.

Alrighty, everything is listed below. Enjoy!

Raw Vegan Reeces-2

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Raw vegan Reese’s cups ingredients:

As much melted raw vegan chocolate as you like (RECIPE HERE)


11 oz raw almonds or peanuts


Optional 2 tbsp maple syrup or raw agave


Chocolate cup molds- (HERE)




Fill each cup mold 1/3 of the way with melted chocolate and place into the freezer. I like to use a squeeze bottle for this.


Add in nuts to a food processor and get your patience ready.


Turn the processor on high and let it run for about 10 min. During this process if you need to scrape the sides do so. The nuts will look crumbly and clumpy. It will go through these stages a few times.


Continue with your processor on high for another 5-10 min. During this time, it will start to become real thick. Easy to form into balls. Keep going. Near 20 min the nut butter will have released all the fat and you will be left with a smooth nut butter.


Optional: Add in maple syrup and process for up 10 more min. You may need to let the processor cool so it doesn’t become too warm.


Now, add a dollop of nut butter into each cup mold. Make sure the butter does not touch the sides or exceed the height of the mold.


Pour more chocolate around the edges and top of nut butter and chill for 30min in the freezer.


Store cups in the refrigerator.




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